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Surf the Curve, the bell curve that is! We offer in-home tutoring services that are convenient and reliable. Our tutors are highly qualified in the subjects they tutor. Low on time? We are committed to sending a tutor to you as soon as possible. Try us out. Your first session is always free.

We serve:

  • Greater Toronto Area
  • Kitchener-Waterloo
  • Oshawa

We’ve got a fantastic referral program going on right now.  Refer a tutor who is qualified to tutor a university or college level course and receive $50 cash. Refer a student who starts tutoring with us and receive $50 cash. Simple as that.

We have amazing news to share with you! After months of learning about different education initiatives in developing countries, we have chosen our first one to support. The Saidia Agriculture and Social Care Organization (SASCO) in Tanzania is a registered NGO who is managed by volunteers and nearly 100% of the donations are for the recipients. We will be supporting Isangha Primary school, which is publicly funded by the government, but lacks many basic needs of a school, such as desks and supplies.

Why? We chose the poorest of the poor; students who attend a public school because they cannot afford to attend a privately funded school.

What? Immediate needs are desks for students and teachers (students currently sit on stones) and teaching supplies.

For more information about this organization, please check out www.sasco.co/aboutsasco.

We are beyond excited about our partnership with them and look forward to working with them!